Rebecca Robinson, chair of the Harrow District High School Working Committee, attends a public meeting at the Camoes Portuguese Club of Harrow on January 6, 2016. (Photo by Ricardo Veneza)

Harrow High Fight Continues

A committee focused on keeping Harrow District High School open is hoping new programming options will convince public school board trustees to reverse their decision to close the school.

Committee Chair Rebecca Robinson says even though the half empty school is set to close in June, the community isn’t ready to give up.

“While we’ve been waiting to hear about the review [of the decision to close Harrow High], we didn’t want to sit idle — we took this opportunity to look into providing [trustees] some answers for program solutions; things that are unique to this area,” says Robinson.

The Town of Essex has filed for an administrative review of the process that saw trustees vote to close the high school.

Skilled trades and agriculture focused programming is part of the committee’s draft plan to pitch to trustees. A community hub model has also previously been considered.

“Our communities are willing to assist, participate, cooperate, get involved in partnership in some programs,” says Robinson. “It’s not something that falls 100% on their shoulders.”

Robinson adds the community plans on attending the January 19 meeting of the Greater Essex County District School Board, but isn’t sure if it will be as a delegation. What is clear is that the Harrow community isn’t ready to give up the fight for its closing high school.

“I think [the community thinks] we’re heading in the right direction,” says Robinson.

About 150 people met at the Camoes Portuguese Club of Harrow on Wednesday night to get up to date on the efforts to save the school.