Police wrap up cannabis edible overdose investigation

Sarnia Police Headquarters on Christina Street. December 6, 2018. (Photo by Colin Gowdy, BlackburnNews)

No charges will be laid after four girls overdosed on a cannabis edible at a dance at Alexander MacKenzie high school last month.

On December 21, the teens shared a cannabis-infused gummy bear.

Constable John Sottosanti said three were taken to hospital and later released, and the fourth was taken home to be monitored by family.

“The Sarnia Police Service would like to remind the public, both young and old, that purchasing cannabis-infused edibles which are illicit is not legal,” said Sottosanti. “The other concern that arises is that the quantity of THC or other products and drugs that may be within the edible is normally unknown to the consumer, and could have serious effects on individuals that could be long-lasting and potentially dangerous.”

Sottosanti said it’s important for parents to speak to their children and remind them to always be responsible.

He said the girls and their families will be educated on the matter through community programs.