Local Family Feud contestants go the full three games

The Lui family playing their third time on Family Feud Canada. February 11, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Blake Iron).

A man with connections to the area is walking away a winner after playing Family Feud Canada.

Blake Iron, originally from Chatham-Kent, now lives in London with his wife and their daughter. The two recently competed alongside their family members from Toronto on Family Feud Canada, hosted by comedian Gerry Dee.

The first episode aired on February 5, where the Lui family beat the Richards family and won $10,000. They then went on to beat the Bevilacqua family.

“The first family we played, we thought we were going home for sure,” said Iron. “Then the second family we played… they were so competitive and so good that it could have gone either way, it could have been anybody’s game.”

Vivian Lui, who is married to Iron, played “fast money” with her cousin Kathy. Iron said because it is a rapid-fire round, it was very intense to watch his wife compete during those 25 seconds.

“With some of her answers, I was just slapping my forehead thinking ‘oh no that’s terrible!'” laughed Iron. “It’s cringing but exciting to see when we actually won the fast money and the $10,000.”

However, on Monday night’s episode, the Lui family fell just shy from another win against the Brown family.

“We were going home no matter what after three games but it would have been nice to leave with a win,” he said.

Iron and his family members did end up walking away from the game show with $20,000. Iron said he and his wife will likely use their share for a family vacation. He also mentioned that his sister-in-law Veronica and her now fiance Justin used their winnings to go on a trip where Justin popped the question.

“I was pressuring him to get engaged on the show and be the first,” laughed Iron. “I know Gerry Dee was making fun of Justin or kind of centring him out a bit but right after the show they went to Miami and got engaged.”

Iron said he has received a lot of support from residents in Chatham-Kent as the episodes aired on CBC Television.

“All of my friends from public school, high school, everyone just got behind me and watched every episode,” he said. “They were all over me on every bad answer but they were cheering for me for every good answer too.”

Overall, Iron said the experience was great and recommends others get involved in some capacity.

“Playing [the game] was fantastic! It was such an adrenaline rush. It’s something you would have to experience yourself,” he said. “Or if you’re ever in the Toronto area, I recommend you just go as a studio member just to see how it’s all done.”