Familiar faces to appear on Family Feud Canada

Family Feud Canada contestants. (Photo courtesy of Blake Iron via Facebook).

A man with ties to southwestern Ontario will be shown alongside his family and Gerry Dee in an episode of Family Feud Canada.

Blake Iron, who is originally from Chatham but now lives in London, had the opportunity to compete in the game show. Iron said his wife and her cousins have been long-time fans of the show and jumped at the opportunity to become Family Feud contestants.

“We hired a camera crew to come in and make our audition video for us and edit it,” said Iron. “Family Feud loved it… we went to an audition and apparently we did well because we got to go on the show.”

Although some answers may be easy to guess while at home, Iron said being there in person is a completely different experience.

“When you’re at home, you’re just slapping your head like ‘how do you not know that,'” he laughed. “Well when you’re put on the spot, you’re shaking [and] you’re nervous … The nerves get to you.”

Iron competed in the show with his wife Vivian, his sister-in-law Veronica and her fiance Justin, and Vivian’s cousin Kathy. He described the overall experience as “amazing”.

“Being around Gerry Dee is just hilarious,” he said. “Being on stage is like a free stand-up comedy show, the guy just does not stop making you laugh.”

The episode will air on Wednesday night on CBC Television at 7:30 p.m.