Province offering incentive to enroll in new energy saving program

(c) Can Stock Photo / oasisamuel

The provincial government is launching a new energy-saving program this summer and handing out incentives to families who participate.

The Peak Perks program offers a $75 credit to families who register their smart thermostats and give secure access to the manufacturer. The access will allow the manufacturer to adjust the thermostat between two to four degrees a maximum of 10 times a year.

The aim is to reduce electricity usage during peak demand hours in the summer months. This will save money on monthly electricity bills and allows the province to reduce electricity emissions.

“The new programs launched today will also help meet the province’s emerging electricity system needs by providing annual electricity savings equivalent to powering approximately 130,000 homes every year, and reduce costs for consumers by over $650-million by 2025,” said Todd Smith, Minister of Energy.

Participants will be notified when a temperature change occurs and will be given the option to opt-out through the mobile app.

The adjustments to the thermostat will typically last no more than three hours and will not occur on weekends or holidays.

Anyone interested in participating in the program can register their smart thermostat starting in June.

In addition to the initial $75 credit, families will be given $20 annually for each year they stay in the program.

The government has also made changes to its retrofit program for businesses, municipalities and other institutions. A stream for greenhouse growers in Southwest Ontario has been introduced to the program.

Through the program, greenhouse owners who retrofit their facilities with energy-saving lighting and other equipment could be eligible for up to 50 per cent of the cost of approved projects.