A busy St. Patrick’s Day for Windsor police officers

Windsor police officers conduct a RIDE program on Tecumseh Rd. W on June 8, 2018. Photo courtesy Windsor Police Service/Facebook.

It was a busy night for the Windsor Police Service as officers were stationed around the city to keep the streets safe during St. Patrick’s Day.

A number of R.I.D.E. checkpoints were set up across the city, including on Sandwich Street on the city’s west end, Riverside Drive near Lauzon Road, Sandwich at Murray Streets in Amherstburg, as well as on Jefferson Boulevard at Edgar Street where police say a driver refused to provide a breath sample.

According to police, over 300 vehicles were inspected on Friday night, which resulted in 81 enforcement actions, three three-day licence suspensions, and three road side tests being administered.

Officers made on arrest after a driver refused to provide a breath sample.