Ontario’s minimum wage going up Saturday

Labour Minister Monte McNaughton announces increase to minimum wage - Apr 5/22 (Photo via Ontario at Work Facebook page)

Ontario’s minimum-wage workers will notice a slight increase in their take-home pay.

The Ontario government has raised the minimum wage to $15.50 per hour, as of Saturday. The increase is part of the government’s periodic increase in the wage with Saturday’s hike being the third within one year.

Students under 18 will receive a $0.50 per hour increase to $14.60 per hour. People who do paid work for employers out of their own homes will see an increase to $17.05 per hour, up from $16.50.

Hunting, fishing and wilderness guides will now earn $77.60 per day, a raise from $75, when working less than five consecutive hours a day. When working five or more hours daily, the rate is now $155.25 per day, a raise from $150.05.

“Our government is leading the country with unprecedented changes that rebalance the scales and help workers earn a bigger paycheque,” said Ontario Labour Minister Monte McNaughton in a media release. “Raising the minimum wage is part of our workers-first plan to give hundreds of thousands of families a hand up as we build a stronger economy that works for everyone.”

The minimum wage was raised this past January to an even $15 per hour, under theĀ Working for Workers Act 2.

The wage increase is tied to the Consumer Price Index. A minimum wage employee working 40 hours per week will see their yearly income go up by $1,768. Those who serve liquor and work 40 hours a week will see an annual increase of $5,512, according to the Ministry of Labour.