Dilkens introduces plan for safer streets

Windsor mayoral candidate Drew Dilkens speaks about his community safety plan, September 28, 2022. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

“Fed up” with petty crime throughout Windsor’s neighbourhoods, Windsor mayoral candidate Drew Dilkens pledges safety and crime reduction will remain a priority.

“I’m fed up and I’ve been hearing enough from neighbours and residents that it’s time for new stronger action to be taken,” said Dilkens.

As part of his seven-part community safety plan, Dilkens pledges to work with the Windsor Police Service to double the police auxiliary and create dedicated neighbourhood officer positions. The neighbourhood officer would meet regularly with residents and businesses to address concerns in specific neighbourhoods.

“Making sure that we are coordinating and making an outlet for these folks to talk on a monthly basis to share the issues that they’re experiencing and to try and get traction for strategic policing initiatives in particular neighbourhoods,” said Dilkens.

He would also like to introduce a bylaw to eliminate panhandling at intersections, banks, bus shelters, and other areas of concern.

“It’s time to put security first. If re-elected, I will work with Windsor Police to help clean up our streets while attacking the root causes of crime,” said Dilkens.

For more details on Dilkens’ Community Safety Action Plan click here.

Other candidates vying for the role of Windsor’s mayor include Benjamin Danyluk, Aaron Day, Matthew Giancola, Chris Holt, Ernie Lamont, and Louis Vaupotic.