Local facility looks to increase power generation

Capital Power Corporation's East Windsor Cogeneration Centre, September 21, 2022. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Capital Power Corporation is assessing options to upgrade its facility on Riverside Drive to support growing energy needs in the community.

A report going to Windsor City Council at the end of the month suggests electricity supply poses a risk to the city’s ability to secure additional investment opportunities.

That’s despite the province’s commitment to fast-tracking new transmission lines to the region. The report author Jelena Payne, commissioner of economic development and innovation says these will not be done fast enough and alternative solutions need to be determined.

The Independent Electrical System Operator of Ontario also identified Windsor as a high priority for the addition of new power.

The local power producer is working on a number of options that will add significantly more power generation to the current site of theĀ East Windsor Cogeneration Centre near the Ford Engine plant. These include the addition of a battery energy storage system and other expansion efforts.

Capital Power President and CEO Brian Vassjo said the company will submit all options to the Independent Electrical System Operator of Ontario for review.

“The IESO will look at them and look at other things that can be done in the area and pick those that will provide the greatest amount of capacity in the short term but also those that are the lowest cost options,” said Vassjo.

If approved, the battery system could generate up to 40 megawatts of new power, enough power to meet the needs of 40,000 homes.

Vassjo indicated the company has already started the design and engineering process and if approved, the project could be complete by 2025.