Marchand reveals crime prevention strategy for Ward 4

Matt Marchand after filing his nomination papers to run for the Ward 4 councillor seat, August 10, 2022. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

A candidate in the crowded field for Windsor City Council Ward 4 has laid out his plan to make the area safer.

Matt Marchand revealed the second plank of his campaign platform Thursday morning, this one focusing on public safety and crime prevention. The platform includes a nine-page plan covering topics from additional police manpower on the streets, to strategies for preventing crime and encouraging interaction between police, residents, and business owners.

Marchand told that one of the issues raised by residents while knocking on doors has been the proper deployment of law enforcement and a need to bring the police to where they are most needed.

“Many of our officers and called and spend time in hospitals responding to Mental Health Act and overdose calls, and they often spend hours at the hospital,” said Marchand. “Now, can that function better be done by off-duty officers or hospital security? We think there’s an opportunity there.”

Marchand has also advocated for the mental health care of first responders themselves, saying it is more cost-efficient to support these officers and get them back on the street rather than recruit and train new officers.

The campaign has also called for a lighting pilot project in ten key areas as a crime deterrent. Marchand named Memorial Park in Ward 4 as an area that may benefit.

“You’re focused on certain small areas that are prone to crime,” said Marchand. “Throw light at it, and hopefully, watch for calls for service to decline. And again, the fewer calls for service that we have, the more opportunities there are for officers to respond to things more quickly.”

Marchand’s plan also proposed strategies for police agencies to work with the ward’s business owners and residents on deterring crime.

The Ward 4 seat on City Council is open due to the mayoral candidacy of incumbent Chris Holt. In addition to Marchand, the other candidates are Giovanni Abati, Edy Haddad, Gregory Heil, Mark McKenzie, Jake Rondot, Kristen Siapas, and Patrick Sutherland.

The election is Monday, October 24.