Ward 4 candidate Abati campaigns on green policies

Giovanni 'John" Abati announces campaign platform, September 6, 2022. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Ward 4 candidate Giovanni ‘John’ Abati is hoping to bring a green economic strategy to the City of Windsor council table if elected this fall.

“I want to be that green voice,” said Abati. “I’m not against development by any means. It’s about sustainability and working towards the future.”

He is one of eight candidates running to be the Ward 4 councillor in the City of Windsor.

Abati has worked in the private and public sector in urban and watershed planning, waste management, and habitat conservation.  He said his green vision will include investing in municipal assets and bringing new jobs to the community.

He wants to partner with private businesses to sponsor amenities like picnic tables in community parks to increase their numbers.

If elected, Abati said he would work to have city council reconsider the location of the region’s new acute care hospital. He’d like it “closer to people and established infrastructure.”

“The location doesn’t do anything. Everyone has to drive there or take a bus. No is going to ride their bike out there. No is going to walk there,” said Abati.

City council approved the location on County Road 42 at 9th Concession in August 2018.

There are seven other candidates running for the Ward 4 councilor position including, Edy Haddad, Gregory Heil, Matt Marchand, Mark McKenzie, Jake Rondot, Kristen Siapas, and Patrick Sutherland.

The municipal election is on October 24, 2022.