Windsor jobless rate jumps over a point in July


The unemployment rate is trending back up in Windsor-Essex as the summer months continue.

According to Stats Canada’s July 2022 unemployment report, released Friday morning, the jobless rate in Windsor climbed over one percentage point to 6.5 per cent, from 5.4 per cent in June. The region lost 600 jobs in July.

The Labour Participation Rate for July in Windsor-Essex also dropped to 58.9 per cent, down from 59.5 per cent, according to the survey.

Unemployment across Canada is still at a record low at 4.9 per cent, standing pat from June but remaining the lowest jobless rate recorded since that statistic began in 1976.

Canadians as a whole were paid more in July. The national average for hourly wages was upĀ 5.2 per cent, or $1.55 per hour, to $31.14 year-to-year in July, matching the pace of wage growth recorded in June. The July rate is also constant to the growth recorded in June.

In Ontario, the jobless rate went up slightly in July, by two-tenths of a percentage point to 5.3 per cent from June. The provincial Labour Participation Rate also went down by that same margin, to 64.8 per cent.