Meals on Wheels receives major donation

Caesars Cares presents $10,000 donation to VON, June 2022.

Caesars Windsor Cares donated $10,000 to the VON compassionate meal program this week.

“VON does such a great job, they are really on the ground, meeting with seniors and providing meals to those in need,” said Susanne Tompkins, manager of public relations and communications at Caesars Windsor. “This particular program is nice because it’s for those who cannot afford the meals. We like to see where we can put our donations to use where there is a bit of a gap.”

The donation will provide over 1,500 meals to vulnerable seniors in the community.

Each year, program volunteers serve over 8,600 meals and conduct wellness checks on vulnerable seniors.

“We make sure they are ok, that they are safe in their home and having good nutritious food to eat,” said Nicole Hunter, manager of home and community care with VON.

Hunter said monetary donations are really appreciated but they are also looking for more volunteers to help deliver the meals. Anyone interested in volunteering can visit the VON website.