Viecelli makes donation to HDGH

Hotel Dieu-Grace Healthcare, November 6, 2019. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Hotel-Dieu Grace Healthcare renamed its cardiac offices after a second $100,000 donation from John Viecelli.

The offices within the Dr. Fouad Tayfour Rehabilitation Centre will now be named the John Viecelli Cardiac Wellness Administration.

“I’ve always wanted to see others happy and I want to inspire individuals to share their blessings to spread the good and help build community,” said Viecelli. “I am just one individual, born in Northern Italy, who moved to Canada and worked hard. If we all gave what we could, imagine the difference we could make, the community that we could build.”

In July 2021, Viecelli donated his first $100,000 to the HDGH Foundation, thus unveiling the John Viecelli Rehabilitation Room on the first floor of the Dr. Y. Emara Building for Healthy Aging and Mobility.

“With this gift, John will support our rehabilitation patients during their wellness journey. In our conversations, John emphasizes his desire that these two gifts will encourage others who can, to give. This speaks to John’s personal commitment to making a difference and his desire to see his gift grow through other donations inspired by his story,” said Barb Sebben, executive director of the HDGH Foundation.