Ford promises to fast track transmission lines

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford speaks at Valiant plant in Windsor, May 13, 2022. Photo by Maureen Revait)

Progressive Conservative Leader Doug Ford visited the Valiant plant in Windsor Friday and promised to fast track five new hydro transmission lines.

Ford said a re-elected PC government would fast-track the $1 billion investment to build five new transmission lines in the region. The new lines are expected to power new investments like the LG-Stellantis battery plant and the growing greenhouse sector.

“We will stop at nothing to build the necessary infrastructure to support these investments,” said Ford.

During the campaign stop, Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens endorsed the Progressive Conservative Party and Doug Ford. He asked residents to vote PC so that the region has a voice at the table.

“I will ask the public to please, please, please send some MPPs from our region to Queen’s Park that we will actually have seats and voices around the government table,” said Dilkens.

Windsor-West candidate John Leontowicz, who was not asked to speak at the event, is up against incumbent NDP candidate Lisa Gretzky and Liberal candidate Linda McCurdy.

“You’ve seen what’s happened under the NDP and that is nothing. Give us one shot. We have shown the people of Windsor more love, more support than any government in the history of this province,” said Ford.