St. Clair pushes in-person classes to end of January

( file photo)

St. Clair College has announced it will not be resuming in-person lectures next Monday as originally planned.

In a statement issued by the college late Monday evening, Vice President of Academic Waseem Habash confirmed students will continue with virtual learning for an extra week with intentions to resume instruction on campus again on January 31, 2022 instead of January 24.

“Like all of you, we do remain concerned about the pandemic. And we assure you that we will revise our plans if public health authorities advise us to do so,” Habash said in the release. “We have received significant input, feedback and requests from those that want to remain face-to-face and those that wish to proceed online. It is a divisive topic. It is not possible, for many reasons, for the College to offer thousands of students, an individual personal choice of delivery for thousands of courses.”

Students returned for the Winter 2022 semester on Monday after the college announced a delayed start to the term in late December 2021.

“The school’s administration will continue to monitor trends and obtain recommendations from those agencies as January 24, 2022 approaches (and afterwards as well), Habash added.