Lakeshore draft budget approved with 2.4 per cent tax increase

Municipality of Lakeshore logo. Photo provided by Municipality of Lakeshore.

The Municipality of Lakeshore is the latest Windsor-Essex community to have its 2022 budget ready in principle.

Councillors approved the draft of the spending plan Wednesday following deliberations. If formally approved, the budget will call for a 2.4 per cent property tax increase, which would add an average of $35 per year to a property owner’s tax bill.

“As a Council, we know that many of our community members and business owners have had a difficult couple of years dealing with the pandemic,” said Lakeshore Mayor Tom Bain. “With that in mind, we sought to reduce the budget’s impact on taxpayers wherever we could. Council and Administration did a fantastic job of balancing our strategic priorities, maintaining service levels, and increasing capital spending all in the face of unprecedented circumstances. Thank you to my colleagues around the table and all of our staff who contributed to this process.”

When deliberations started on Tuesday, there was a proposed tax hike of 2.64 per cent. It was reduced by eliminating open staff positions, workplace development initiatives, and funding for council training.

The budget includes $19-million for capital spending, adding $1-million towards the Gravel Roads Conversion Program, and $700,000 towards the Lifecycle Asphalt Road Resurfacing Program. Watermain replacement on Comber Side Road, a new emergency dewatering pump, and the reconstruction of Puce Road are among the highlights included.

Council is expected to approve the finished budget at its regular meeting on February 1.

The draft budget can be found for review on the municipality’s official website.