Shoreline statement issued due to high winds in forecast

( file photo by Jason Viau)

High winds may result in some wet shorelines, according to the Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA).

The authority has issued a shoreline conditions statement for Tuesday night and all day Wednesday, after the latest forecast from Environment Canada called for high winds whipping across the region. The statement covers the entire Lake Erie shoreline and south Pelee Island, along with the western shore of Pelee Island and islands within the lake’s western basin.

Sustained winds, which are expected to shift from the south to the west overnight, may increase from 40 kilometres per hour and keep going up through Wednesday. The forecast also said gusts of up to 80 kilometres per hour are possible.

“West winds of this magnitude are expected to temporarily lower water levels in the western basin of Lake Erie,” said ERCA Water Resources Manager Tian Martin. “However, in areas where there is deeper water, strong wave activity is expected to cause some splashing and spray, and may also cause damage to shoreline structures.”

Waves may also pick up along the western shore of Pelee Island, and West Shore Road on the island is an area of concern, as waves may cause erosion to the protection works along the roadway.

People living in the affected areas are asked to exercise caution by avoiding areas where flooding may happen, particularly the shoreline and low-lying areas.

ERCA will continue to monitor conditions and issue updates as needed. The shoreline statement is valid through 6 p.m. Thursday.