Playing POOLS gets Maidstone man $143,496

(Photo of Gaetano Pasini of Maidstone courtesy of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation)

A regular player of POOLS and PROLINE will pay off some bills and put some away after winning $143,496.

Gaetano Pasini, of Maidstone, likes to bet on football. However, this time he didn’t watch the game.

He got very excited when he saw the four winners the next morning.

“I looked at my ticket and noticed it added up,” he said. “I lost my voice from screaming so loud!”

Then he told his wife.

“I showed her the winning amount and said, ‘Can you imagine, we won that?’ and she thought I was joking.”

Pasini bought his ticket at the Petro Canada on Manning Road in Maidstone.

POOLS allows the player to wager $5 on a sport, card number, and the winner from each matchup.