Protest planned as kids get their first shot

A healthcare professional giving a vaccine to a girl. © Can Stock Photo / dolgachov

Protests planned for Windsor’s mass vaccination centre at Devonshire Mall are being denounced by officials throughout the region.

Reports say a group is planning to protest at the vaccine site throughout the day on Thursday when children aged 5-11 start getting their first shots.

In addition to a physical protest, members of the We Stand Up Together Facebook page have also been encouraged to fill appointment slots at the clinic to prevent parents from making appointments for their children.

“Intentionally preventing someone, especially 5-11 year olds and their parents, from accessing critical healthcare services such as the COVID-19 vaccine is reprehensible and repugnant,” said Windsor Regional Hospital CEO David Musyj. “Our local Windsor/Essex healthcare system and the world has witnessed the devastating impact of COVID-19 on our community and to deliberately sabotage someone’s ability to access this life-saving vaccine needs to be stopped through current and/or immediately implemented legislation.”

Victor Green, the People’s Party candidate for Windsor-Tecumseh, has since reached out to Windsor News Today and claimed his Facebook account was hacked and that he did not post the message urging people to fill appointment slots.

The Windsor Police Service has stated it is aware of the planned protest and there will be a police presence to monitor public safety.

“A reminder that protesters are required to remain on public property. Hospital operations & public safety cannot be disrupted in any way,” the Windsor Police Service said in a statement.