Masse has list of priorities as parliament resumes

Windsor West MP Brian Masse outlines his priorities, November 18, 2021. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

As parliament resumes in Ottawa Monday, Windsor West MP Brian Masse has set out a long list of priorities for this term.

Masse is the NDP’s Innovation, International, Trade, Economic Development, Auto, US-Canada Border and Great Lakes critic.

“I am really pleased about going back to Ottawa, and I am excited about doing so. I really wanted to get there a lot sooner, but it’s been closed by Mr. Trudeau until now. But I am going back prepared, we have a repertoire of issues here,” said Masse.

He will be focusing on developing a national auto strategy, affordable housing, and establishing the Ojibway National Urban Park.

“What we need is actually a domestic national Canadian auto strategy to say that is the United States is going to put tariffs , and blockades on our types of development, and our types of industry then we need to come forward with our own strategy,” said Masse.

Parliament will sit for about four weeks before breaking for the holiday season until the end of January.