Windsor officer cleared in motorcycle collision

(File photo by Maureen Revait,

No charges are expected against a Windsor police officer involved in a motorcycle incident in June.

The incident took place on the afternoon of June 24. The officer, who was patrolling on the E.C. Row Expressway, spotted the motorcycle driver in an alleged traffic violation.

When the officer tried to stop the rider, the rider took off at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle driver was thrown from the vehicle at Tourangeau Road and Alice Street. The 49-year-old suffered a broken pelvis and toe.

The investigation uncovered the fact that when the motorcycle rider sped up and took off, the Windsor officer deactivated his lights and siren and pursued him at the posted rate of speed. The officer was about 20 seconds behind the rider when the rider crashed.

Director Joseph Martino of the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) concluded that the officer exercised great care for the public and the rider. The officer also had legal grounds to stop the rider.

“There are no reasonable grounds to believe that the subject officer conducted himself other than lawfully through his engagement with the complainant,” said Martino. “Accordingly, there is no basis for proceeding with criminal charges in this case, and the file is closed.”

The complete report can be read in its entirety on theĀ SIU’s official website.