Shoreline conditions statement issued for Thursday night

Lake Erie shoreline. October 2019. (Photo courtesy of the Lower Thames Valley Conservation Authority)

Winds may cause issues along some shorelines in Windsor-Essex Thursday night and Friday morning.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority (ERCA) has issued a shoreline conditions statement for portions of the Lake Erie shoreline, covering the section between the Town of Kingsville, the Municipality of Leamington, and the west shore of Point Pelee National Park. The statement also covers the western shoreline of Pelee Island.

Environment Canada’s forecast called for west and southwest sustained winds at 40 kilometres per hour. While water levels have not reached flood watch criteria, there may be issues in the affected areas.

“The western basin is expected to have increased wave activity with the potential for splashing and spray near low-lying areas along the shoreline as well as the potential for increased erosion along the shoreline,” said ERCA Water Management Director James Bryant. “This advisory remains in effect until Friday morning when winds are expected to subside through the weekend.”

The extended forecast indicated that winds could shift on Monday to an east or northeast direction and increase sustained speeds of at least 40 km/h.

The statement is in effect until 8 a.m. Friday.