Horwath fighting for auto strategy

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath visits Windsor to meet with auto-workers after Stellantis announcement, Ocotober 21, 2021. (via Lisa Gretzky)

NDP Leader Andrew Horwath is calling on the provincial government to put an auto strategy in place to protect automotive jobs throughout the province.

Following the announcement that Stellantis plans to cut the second shift at the Windsor Assembly Plant, Horwath visited Windsor to speak with workers and the union.

“We will never stop fighting for auto jobs in this province. We are never going to stop fighting to keep these good jobs here, and to create the auto industry of the future,” said Horwath.

Horwath says the plan should focus on electric, zero-emission vehicles.

“We also need to make sure that we are looking at the supply chain as well, and making sure that those feeder plants are also getting support to transition so that we can produce the input to our EVs,” said Horwath.

The loss of the second shift will affect around 1,800 jobs at the Windsor Assembly Plant.

Stellantis officials have committed to an investment in the plant that would bring back a three-shift operation.