Ford commits to support the Windsor Assembly Plant

Premier Doug Ford during a visit to Windsor, October 18, 2021.

Premier Doug Ford is meeting with Stellantis on Tuesday to discuss the future of the Windsor Assembly Plant.

During a visit to Windsor on Monday, Ford met with Unifor Local 444 President David Cassidy.

He confirmed his commitment to working with Stellantis to bring investment to Windsor during a news conference Monday afternoon.

“We’re going to be there to support them and fund them. The Federal government has stepped up and said we’re going to be there to support them. Stellantis has confirmed they are going to out a $1.5 billion investment here in Windsor. We need to get not one shift going, not two shifts going we need three shifts going,” said Ford.

On Friday, Stellantis announced it would be cutting the second shift at the Windsor Assembly Plant in the spring of 2022. This equates to around 1,500 jobs in the community.

It also reconfirmed its commitment to a $1.5 Billion investment to the plant that would bring back a three shift operation.

Ford said during his discussion with Stellantis he is going to urge the company to bring the investment forward sooner.

“We’re putting up a tremendous amount of money, so are the feds, now we have to talk to Stellantis,” said Ford. “My famous saying is I’ll be on them like a 800 pound gorilla when we’re on the phone. We want to work with them but want to start twinning the operations, why wait?”

Ford would not say how much money the provincial and federal governments have committed to Stellantis.