Workforce WindsorEssex wants to know how working from home is going

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The region’s workforce planning board wants to know the benefits of working from home and the drawbacks, so it’s launched a new survey.

While most companies are welcoming their workers back to the office, working from home could be with us into the future. Twenty per cent of local employers indicated their employees were working remotely. It hopes to gain an in-depth understanding of how that will evolve.

The survey is open whether you are working from home or not. It offers two streams, one for workers and one for their employers. The objective is to identify which sectors plan to continue remote work, which will not, and why not. Workforce WindsorEssex also wants to know the benefits and the drawbacks for employees. For those not working from home, would they if it was offered?

“Of course, there are challenges in working from home for both the employer and the employee, and the option is not viable for many sectors and occupations,” said Manager of Projects and Research, Tashlyn Teskey. “Workforce WindsorEssex is looking to gain insight on these issues to provide solutions and guidance on career paths.”

The survey opened on October 14 and will close on November 15.

The results will be released to the public once the information is gathered and analyzed.