Kingsville council approves motion to review E.L.K. Energy

© Can Stock Photo / mgs

The vote to look further into numerous complaints about E.L.K. Energy was unanimous by town councillors.

During Tuesday night’s regular meeting of council, Councillor Kim DeYong brought forward a motion to ask the Town of Essex to require the board of directors and executive leadership at E.L.K. to conduct a comprehensive review of their supply of electricity to residents to determine why it’s unreliable.

“The Town of Essex must be accountable for ELK and cannot simply take dividends without any expectation of delivering reliable service, good customer service and reasonably requiring ELK to operate safely and cooperatively within the town government within which it operates,” DeYong said.

According to council, numerous concerns have been brought forward by residents regarding issues with the service such as trees interfering with hydro lines, damaged electronics due to flickering, businesses losing revenue due to outages along with damaged equipment and spoiled inventory. On top of the service issues, residents said the company has been unresponsive to most complaints.

Going forward, Kingsville will call on Essex, the primary shareholders of E.L.K., and ask them to bring about a resolution for the issues within the next four months.