Kingsville business devastated by fire already recovering

(Photo of Kimball Building Supplies Centre courtesy of Kimball Building Supplies on Facebook)

A senior employee at Kimball Building Supplies in Kingsville said they’ll be back in business before you know it.

Matt Souchereau said they were delivering orders on Monday and Tuesday following Sunday night’s $1.5-million fire in the showroom.

“Nothing happened to the yard or the truck, so we were able to get deliveries that were put together on Saturday,” he said. “We have temporary trailers on site, we have phone lines up and running, a portable cash machine. Basically, we’re just waiting for computers, and we should be up and running by week’s end.”

Kimball Rd. House Fire Mar. 15, 2015 (Submitted photo)

Photos and video of the fire at the corner of Arner Townline and Road 8 West hinted the damage would be far more severe, but Souchereau said they were lucky.

“There was some stuff in the store. We had hardwood flooring in the store. We had some specialty plywood,” he explained. “But anything in the back of the yard, we didn’t lose a two-by-four.”

It is a relief. Souchereau feared the worst while driving to the store Sunday night when he could see the light from the fire in the night sky from McGregor.

“It was intense,” he said.

Fire officials believe the fire started in the attic of the showroom, but the damage is so severe they couldn’t pinpoint the cause. It has been listed as undetermined.

It’s not business as usual, but Souchereau said the staff is keeping busy.

“We have a very good support system as far as our contractors and builders,” he said. “Nowadays, they text us or email us their orders, so we’re getting them on our cellphones, and we’re able to just keep on going.”