Weekend enforcement by Windsor police results in 168 charges

(BlackburnNews.com file photo by Jason Viau)

Windsor police were kept busy over the Thanksgiving weekend, as part of a national traffic safety initiative.

Various units participated in Operation Impact: Be a Hero. Aim for Zero between Friday and Monday, which focused on impaired driving, aggressive driving, failure to use seat belts, fatigue, and other driving issues.

Over those four days, officers laid a total of 168 charges, with 153 of them regarding enforcement actions on speeding, running red lights, and noise.

The others included five stunt driving citations that resulted in an automatic 30-day licence suspension, five for driving while suspended, three for driving while impaired by alcohol, and two for driving while impaired by drugs.

Eleven vehicles were seized during the four days of the initiative.

Windsor police identified several locations based on complaints from residents, which included Dougall Avenue and Cabana Road, Lauzon Road and the McHugh Street area, Huron Church Road’s Community Safety Zone, and Wyandotte Street East from Strabane Avenue to Little River Road.

Constable Talya Natyshak said the weekend totals show that too many people continue to make poor choices that result in crashes, injuries, and even death.

“Most collisions are not ‘accidents’. They are generally the direct result of a conscious decision an individual driver has made,” said Natyshak in a media release. “If there were zero problematic driving behaviours at the wheel, we could expect zero collisions, zero injuries and zero deaths on our roads.”

Residents are encouraged to report traffic issues online, with the Windsor police’s road watch complaint page.