Summer temperatures sticking around for the start of fall

(Photo courtesy © Can Stock Photo / Oakozhan)

If you’re eager for sweater weather, you’ll have to wait a while yet. This fall is going to be a warmer one.

Usually, the daytime high by this point in September is around 22 C, but Environment Canada said a cool-down may still be a few weeks away.

The season officially starts next Wednesday, but meteorologist Gerald Cheng has been looking at the models for the weeks to come, and they suggest temperatures you might typically see in August, not September.

“I’m looking at the fine details, the actual numbers, and it does come back that it’s around a 50 to 60 per cent probability,” he said. “It is going to be above normal.”

He cautioned people that probability means it is not an absolute certainty.

Of course, Mother Nature doesn’t give us summer-like weather for free.

“If we’re going to accept above-normal conditions, you know, the chance of storms will go up too,” he cautioned.

Southwestern Ontario was hit hard by one of those storms Tuesday night. It caused power outages across the region, and many residents awoke Wednesday morning to downed tree limbs. Cheng did not refute the past month has been a stormy one, but believes those conditions will not be a factor in the short term.

As for the weeks ahead, Cheng suggested the warm air will stick around.

“I think we have to get through at least September,” he explained. “October is where perhaps, we should see stretches of days where we’ll go back to more seasonal weather. And when I say seasonal, you know, right now, yeah, the seasonal daytime high should be around 22 degrees, but it’s slowly descending.”