Singh visits Essex in final push before Election Day

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh in Windsor September 20, 2019. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh made a campaign stop in Essex to campaign for his party’s local candidates on Wednesday morning.

As election day looms nearer, Singh said he wants voters to think about who is going to pay for the COVID-19 pandemic and the country’s recovery.

“We’re the only party saying we would make the billionaires, the multi-millionaires, the super rich, pay their fair share so we can invest in people,” said Singh.

He joined Essex candidate Tracey Ramsey, Windsor-West candidate Brian Masse, and Windsor-Tecumseh candidate Cheryl Hardcastle at the Iller Lodge long-term care home to speak about his plan to remove profit from long-term care homes throughout the country.

“It’s achievable, it can be done, it would save lives and it would makes sure that our seniors are cared for with dignity and respect,” said Singh.

He said the plan would also improve working conditions for the people employed by long-term care facilities.

“The conditions of care are directly related to the conditions of employment and work. If we’ve got good work, good staffing, good hours, good pay, that all is directly related to the care that people get,” said Singh.

Election day is Monday September 20, 2021.