Windsor, LaSalle police to share information system

LaSalle Police cruiser, February 15, 2019. Photo by Mark Brown/Blackburn News.

Two of Windsor-Essex’s law enforcement agencies are using shared information as a weapon against crime.

Windsor Police and LaSalle Police unveiled Tuesday their shared Multi-jurisdictional Versaterm Records Management System (RMS). This collaboration will make it possible for police in Windsor, LaSalle, and Amherstburg to share resources and information.

The RMS will be managed on one IT system, with the oversight provided by Windsor police. Police services boards in Windsor and LaSalle signed a five-year agreement in December 2020 to share information, while maintaining separate police entities and continuing to patrol their jurisdictions.

Windsor Police Superintendent Brendan Dodd called the system innovative.

“This implementation represents a major milestone in regional information sharing, operational awareness, and improving police and public safety for the communities of Windsor, Amherstburg and LaSalle,” said Dodd. “Officers will be more effective on the streets because they have timely access to information, and that makes all our communities safer.”

LaSalle began investigating an RMS three years ago, said Acting Police Chief Duncan Davies.

“With a strong presence in Canada, the software will ensure that members of the LaSalle Police Service continue to fulfil our mission, goals and objectives through the use of proven ultra-modern technology and equipment well into the future,” said Davies.

LaSalle officers began using the system, in essence, this week, after several months of training.