Amherstburg residents asked to ‘lock it or lose it’

A redesigned Amherstburg Police vehicle is parked outside Windsor Police Headquarters on October 12, 2018. Photo by Mark Brown/Blackburn News.

Windsor police’s Amherstburg detachment is reminding residents to keep their possessions secured after a series of break-ins.

Police are investigating several instances of vehicles being broken into or stolen. In some cases, it was reported that the vehicles had been left unlocked with valuables inside. Investigators also said that with stolen vehicles, access was easy because keys were left in the ignition.

Constable Talya Natyshak said stolen vehicles are a safety issue as well.

“Stolen vehicles pose a great risk to the entire community as they are often used to commit further crimes and are driven in a way that poses risks to other drivers on the roadways,” said Natyshak. “It is everyone’s responsibility to keep the community and roadways safe.”

Police recommend removing valuables from sight if you must leave them inside the vehicle. Lock the vehicle when you leave it. Never leave the keys inside, even if you’re running in and out of somewhere.

If a garage is available for parking, police suggest parking in it. If you must leave it in the open, park it in a well-lit area if possible. If you live in a less-populated area, make sure your home’s exterior is well-lit and consider installing motion-sensor lights.

Anyone with information on any of the recent incidents in Amherstburg is asked to call Windsor police’s Amherstburg detachment at (519) 736-2252, ext. 230, or submit an¬†anonymous tip¬†through Crime Stoppers.