Theft puts a pause on Windsor’s e-scooter program

© Can Stock Photo / CrispyPhotos

Just days after the City of Windsor introduced its one-year pilot project introducing e-scooters, the program is on pause.

Active Transportation Coordinator Laura Ash says ten per cent of the 150 e-scooters provided by Bird Canada have gone missing.

“Unfortunately, there’s definitely a learning curve,” admitted Ash saying she is not surprised. “Bird is working to try and recover them, and it’s common in launches in any city. Unfortunately, we’re experiencing it right now, but it should die off when people realize there’s nothing they can do with them.”

The e-scooters come with a GPS tracking device that Ash said is very difficult to remove.

“These companies are prepared for the fact that they’ll be an item of interest for anybody who wanted to steal one,” she added.

Ash said Bird Canada removed the e-scooters from the streets on Tuesday, but she expected the program would resume by the weekend.