CUPW urging government to electrify fleet

Photo courtesy Canada Post

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is calling on the government to invest in the Canada Postal service to expand services and make deliveries using clean energy.

The union would like to see the government electrify the country’s largest fleet and provide charging stations for all Canadians at post officers throughout the country.

The union says the cost to do this would be significant but worth it to move toward reducing the country’s carbon emissions.

“That’s why we’re asking the federal government to open up grants to crown corporations. Not only will that help in moving along the 2030 targets that the government has put into place for carbon emissions but it will also allow our members to be trained to maintain and repair any electric vehicles and charging stations,” said Ontario Region Campaign Coordinator Derek Richmond.

There were no dollars in the latest federal budget set aside for the crown corporation and the corporation is not eligible to apply for grants that many private organizations have access to.

“Canada Post must be part of a post COVID recovery to provide new services to Canadians like postal banking, community hubs and a senior check-in program,” said Richmond.

The postal banking, community hubs and senior check-in programs are all part of the union’s Delivering Community Power plan to revitalize Canada Post.