Leamington to allow outdoor patios again

© Can Stock Photo / travnikovstudio

The Municipality of Leamington will once again allow business owners to set up shop outdoors this year.

Leamington Council approved on Tuesday a temporary outdoor patio program. Guidelines for temporary patios have been drawn up to help business owners with extending or establishing new temporary patios. The municipality said it has a staff dedicated to these applications and there will be no fee charged.

Mayor Hilda MacDonald said the decision was easy for councillors to make.

“We want to support our local businesses any way we can on the road to recovery,” said MacDonald. “We want to offer an opportunity for our residents and tourists to frequent our local restaurants and bars in a safe and enjoyable way. The municipality received 17 temporary outdoor patio applications last year, and with an earlier start, we are hopeful to see more applications this year.”

If you’d like to place a temporary patio on private land, no permit is needed, but you must call the municipality to schedule an inspection. For a patio on public property, there is an expedited review process in place that can be seen on the municipality’s website.