Windsor author offers healing through new book

Journey to Your Self-How to Heal from Trauma Written by Someone Who Did by Sandra Cooze

A local author is using the trauma of her past to help others heal from trauma in their own lives.

Sandra Cooze’s recently published memoir and self-help book is called Journey to Your Self-How to Heal from Trauma Written by Someone Who Did.

“I pick apart trauma step-by-step to show that it is nothing to be feared or resented and I created exercises and space for notes for readers on their healing journey,” said Cooze.

In the book, she shares her own history of trauma from sexual assault and what she did to heal from the wounds it left.

“I wanted to give people a guide to really help heal from trauma. Because really it’s not that hard, we just have to know how,” said Cooze.

Cooze has been working with people who have experienced traumas in their lives through her career as a Reiki Master and intuitive trauma release coach. During her career, she developed the tools seen in the book to help individuals heal.

“Understanding that connection between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and really seeing the dots connect. The more I worked with other clients the more I worked on myself, the more I understood and the more I released,” said Cooze. “It really was a journey of transformation.”

The book is available through the author’s website as well as through Amazon.