Online tools will promote Windsor-Essex job training

The economic situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand for job training and educational opportunities.

Workforce WindsorEssex has joined forces with Libro Credit Union to create two online tools that will provide information to local job seekers and those whose positions were affected by the pandemic. Libro has provided a $62,000 investment to support the development of these tools.

The agreement to create an online Training Board and a Career Choice Calculator was announced during a media event Tuesday afternoon.

“The new career investment tools that will be launched this spring will help encourage a culture of continuous learning, while also contributing to a strong and prosperous community,” said Workforce WindsorEssex CEO Jason Falconer. “Whether you’re considering going back to school or finding your next training opportunity, these online tools will help you plan your career path.”

The Training Board will provide the latest information on job training opportunities, as well as real-time news on training supply and demand. It will also allow organizations to post training opportunities on the site, so job seekers can be better informed on programs, location, cost, and other factors.

The Career Choice Calculator will help job seekers understand the return on investment for entering a specific career, or returning to school for retraining. The online tool will also share the latest local market data, so people can see the actual demand for workers in specific industries.

Libro Credit Union Regional Manager Lori Atkinson has seen firsthand the impact local layoffs and the pandemic have had on her customers.

“We know that so many people in communities across Windsor-Essex have been impacted by COVID-19 in ways we couldn’t have imagined,” said Atkinson. “A lot of people have suffered from job loss and we know this, because we’re working with our customer-owners to help revise their financial plans.”

The tools are expected to be ready for use on the Workforce WindsorEssex website this spring.