Search on for owner after dog survives days on icy Detroit River

Miracle's rescue on the Detroit River courtesy of Woodhaven Animal Hospital.

An animal hospital in Woodhaven near Detroit is looking for the owner of a dog rescued after spending four frigid days on the ice on the Detroit River.

The male puppy, identified by the Detroit Free Press as Alfonso, but nicknamed “Miracle,” was trapped on the ice Wednesday and survived until its rescue Saturday near Mud Island.

LaSalle Fire and Rescue Services received a report Friday night. It sent a search party, but it was unsuccessful.

The U.S. Coast Guard gave it a try too, but it was also unsuccessful.

Finally, a Canadian man onboard an airboat managed to scoop up the pooch Saturday afternoon.

Veterinarian Doctor Lucretia Greear at Woodhaven Animal Hospital identified the man as Jude Mead of J.J. Marine. A Google search revealed a Jude Mead as the Director of Operations of J.J. Marine on Vermont Street in LaSalle.

Since his admission, the dog has undergone treatment for severe dehydration.

Greear believes the dog’s matted fur may have helped the pup survive the icy temperatures.

“It appears he fell in [the water] at one point, but I don’t think his skin actually got wet because his fur is so matted,” said Greear.

A photo of "Miracle" courtesy of Woodhaven Animal Hospital.

A photo of “Miracle” courtesy of Woodhaven Animal Hospital.

The dog has not been neutered, and his teeth indicate he is very young. Greear finds it hard to believe it is not someone’s pet.

“As he’s gotten better, his personality has come out more. He’s timid,” she said.

She hopes the owner comes forward. If no one does, Alfonso, a.k.a. “Miracle”, will be put up for adoption at the River Rouge Animal Shelter.