Man who refused to wear mask at LaSalle hardware store receives trespassing notice

Lasalle Police (Photo courtesy of LPS)

A man who refused to wear a mask in a LaSalle Countryside Home Hardware has been told not to come back.

On February 3, officers in LaSalle were dispatched to the hardware store after a man picking up an order outside the store refused to wear a mask. Workers there told him he could not get his order unless he put on a mask. Police said the man then began yelling and tried to pry open the doors of the store with his hands.

The store owner came to the door and tried once again to advise the man put on a mask in order to complete the transaction. The man then began recording the interaction and drove off. However, his license plate number was obtained and police were able to go to the man’s home and speak with him.

Police told the man that the store owner no longer welcomed him on their premises, and issued a notice regarding COVID-19 regulations. Police added that if he were to visit the store in the future, he could be charged with trespassing.