Poets invited to inspire resilience through new Windsor campaign

A short poem by Windsor Poet Laureate Mary Ann Mulhern courtesy of the City of Windsor.

Hoping to inspire Windsor residents, local poets will have their work featured publicly over the next month.

It’s National Poetry Month, and the city is looking for submissions from local poets, particularly those aged 14 to 24.

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They are invited to compose short, six-line inspirational poems focusing on resilience to be displayed at municipal facilities and inside Transit Windsor buses.

A poem by Poet Laureate Emeritus Mary Gervais courtesy of the City of Windsor.

A poem by Poet Laureate Emeritus Mary Gervais courtesy of the City of Windsor.

Poet Laureate Emeritus Marty Gervais and Poet Laureate Mary Ann Mulhern will choose about 100 submissions to display throughout the community.

“Resilience is what this town knows best,” said Gervais. “Time after time, we have been through life-changing moments in our history, and we have always bounced back. That is our character, and for the past year, we have shown how, in spite of the challenges and setbacks, we are pushing back.”

The initiative is called “Windsor’s Resilient Voices,” and it is an opportunity for Windsor’s Poet Laureate program to deliver on its goal of promoting poetry while strengthening the public’s relationship with literature.

“Poetry has truly connected people all across our community throughout this pandemic,” said Mulhern. “This initiative is another way to help us pause and reflect, not only on all we’re facing together, but on the strength, spirit, and resiliency that’s helping lead us through.”

Submissions can be made online at the City of Windsor website. The deadline is Friday, March 5.