Essex residents asked for feedback on climate plan

2018 global warming. Feb 6, 2019. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

Residents in the town of Essex are being asked for their input after a plan on handling climate change was drawn up.

Town administration has created a draft plan, a 49-page document that defines climate change, potential local impacts, examples of the local effects of the phenomenon, and potential solutions for bringing it under control.

“Municipalities like ours are on the frontlines of responding to extreme climate events, which calls for a comprehensive and unique adaptation strategy,” read the plan. “The plan forms the framework for civic and community actions to help address and adapt to the impacts of climate change.”

The plan was presented to town council during a special meeting on Wednesday.

Mayor Larry Snively credits a group effort in bringing the plan to reality.

“I’d like to thank the members of the Essex Climate Adaptation Team, council members, town staff, and all those involved in the creation of this plan,” said Snively in a media release. “We’re already feeling the effects of climate change and to accomplish our goals we must work together.”

According to the release, action items will be implemented through two sets of objectives, community engagement and partnership objectives, which are geared toward producing a culture of sustainability within the community, and corporate objectives, which focus on town-owned assets, operations, and service delivery.

Essex residents are encouraged to read the draft plan online and provide any comments by using the online reporting form. The deadline is Wednesday, February 3.