Warning about spam email containing images of child sexual abuse

(© Can Stock Photo Inc. / agencyby)

If you get an email from mail@aloette.me, do not open it.

The Ontario Provincial Police have had numerous complaints across the province after people got the email, opened it, and found links to images of child sexual abuse.

If you got one of those emails, the OPP recommended calling your local police service and reporting it.

Anyone with information regarding the email, or others like it, can also call Crime Stoppers at 10800-222-8477, or report it online at www.catchcrooks.com.

The Child Sexual Exploitation Unit can also be reached at 1-705-330-3232.

The OPP are using the incident to remind the public to be careful opening emails coming from an unfamiliar or unusual account. If you are unsure, you can usually find a company’s email address on its website.