Wyandotte Town Centre BIA celebrating diversity

DWBIA Chair Larry Horwitz speaks to reporters on October 2, 2015. (photo by Alexandra Latremouille)

The newly elected chair of the Wyandotte Town Centre BIA has some big ideas for the diverse businesses in the area.

The BIA, which represents businesses along Wyandotte Street between Gladstone Avenue and McDougall Street, recently elected Larry Horwitz as the new chairperson.

This holiday season, Horwitz hopes people explore the diverse stores and restaurants in the BIA.

“We’re going to replicate in some ways the Bright Lights program that the city had on buildings in the area that you’ll get that sense of ethnicity for the holidays and it will be a huge attraction for the area,” said Horwitz.

As chairperson of the BIA, Horwitz says he plans to focus on beautification, security and economic growth. He is also looking forward to meeting with City Council to discuss what is being done with the vacant Windsor Arena and Water World.