Dilkens honours Windsor Police Service for pandemic response

(via Twitter @drewdilkens)

The Windsor Police Service is being honoured for the work they have done throughout the pandemic as part of Crime Prevention Week.

“They still had to walk into the regular situations that they were used to dealing with, but then they had the fear, and the concern, and the anxiety that all of us had early on with the effects of COVID, and trying to keep them safe so that when they went home, they were not bringing anything home to their families,” said Windsor Mayor Drew Dilkens.

Mayor Dilkens presented the police force with a plaque to recognize the prevention efforts made since March.

“Police responded in a very good way, making sure that they dedicated resources to watch over some of those businesses that were closed and empty while people were riding out the early part of the pandemic,” said Dilkens.

Overall crime is down throughout the City of Windsor. As of September, year-to-date statistics show a reduction of 14.34 per cent. Property crime is down 17.23 per cent.