Policing, flood prevention top Tecumseh budget comments

Tecumseh Town Hall, April 11, 2017. (Photo by Maureen Revait)

Tecumseh residents are hoping that police protection and flood prevention take priority in the upcoming budget.

Tecumseh Town Council revealed the results of its 2021 budget survey this week, which gauged public input on matters to be considered in upcoming budget talks. A total of 79 residents filled out the survey, down from 90 last year.

According to a summary of the comments for residences identifying services they want to be enhanced, an increased police presence topped the list. The town is served by an Ontario Provincial Police detachment.

Roads, sewers, and flood prevention came next, with residents generally wanting current services maintained. Stormwater management was mentioned by 85 per cent of respondents, followed by 63 per cent for a sanitary sewer system, and 50 per cent for a road network and the ability to get around.

Other desires expressed by residents in the survey included an increase in bicycle lanes and trails, particularly along Riverside Drive East, Tecumseh Road East, and Lesperance Road. Rodent control, improvements to Manning Road, and the creation of a designated town centre also received votes.

Residents were also asked about their feelings concerning the value of their tax dollars. A plurality of 41 per cent felt they had good value. 29 per cent thought they had fair value and 22 per cent chose excellent value.

A complete rundown of the survey results has been presented to the town’s administration and councillors and will be reviewed during the 2021 budget consultations.