EnWin adjusts eligibility for COVID-19 program

EnWin logo. Courtesy official website.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted your ability to pay your utility bills, ENWIN Utilities is offering help.

The utility provider has implemented changes made last month by the Ontario government and the Ontario Energy Board, adjusting the criteria for people to apply for utility bill help under the COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Program (CEAP).

ENWIN is accepting new applications from residents and small business owners. Those who previously applied and did not qualify have been reevaluated under the new criteria, so no new application is necessary.

“The changes to eligibility requirements mean that more customers will receive funding,” said ENWIN Customer Service Director Robert Spagnuolo in a media release. “Customers who have already applied will have their applications reviewed against the new criteria and will hear from us directly. For customers who have not yet applied, we encourage them to review the revised guidelines, as they too may now be eligible for this funding.”

The CEAP provides a one-time credit for eligible customers who are having difficulty paying utility bills because of the pandemic. Residential customers could get a one-time credit of $115, and up to $230 if their home is heated by electricity or use eligible at-home medical devices.

Small businesses and registered charities could get up to $425 in one-time credit on their electricity bill. Businesses that use hydro for heating may qualify for as much as $850, according to ENWIN.

For complete information on ENWIN and the CEAP, or to apply, visit ENWIN’s official website.