Kingsville appoints new deputy fire chief

Kingsville Fire and Rescue logo on the side of fire truck. Photo taken January 11, 2014. (Ricardo Veneza)

The Town of Kingsville has appointed a new deputy fire chief following the departure of its top two fire officials.

Last month, the town said Fire Chief Chuck Parson and Deputy Fire Chief Jeff Dean were placed on leave.

Town officials have not said why, but on Friday announced it had appointed John Quennell as the deputy fire chief effective immediately.

“Quennell’s appointment includes leadership and oversight for the Kingsville Fire Department while the current fire chief and deputy fire chief are on indefinite leaves of absence,” read a release from the Town of Kingsville.

The appointment is temporary.

Quennell will report to the chief administrative officer during his tenure. All volunteer firefighters, including station chiefs and full-time staff, will report to him.

His last job was as deputy fire chief with the Town of Lakeshore. Before that, he was a firefighter with the City of Windsor from 1978 to 2010.

Parsons took over leadership at the fire department following the retirement of Bob Kissner, who faces a series of sex-related charges.