Essex residents asked to test internet connections

The Town of Essex flies a new flag at Town Hall, May 13, 2015. (Photo by Mike Vlasveld)

If you live in the town of Essex, you may be asked to report how your internet is functioning.

The town has partnered with the Canadian Internet Registration Authority in implementing an initiative for residents, asking people to use an online tool to test the strength of their internet connection.

Mayor Larry Snively said that with more people working from home this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important for Essex to learn more about how residents use their internet connection, and how much they use it.

“Our council recognizes the strategic importance of high-quality internet access, an issue that has been highlighted over the last six months as more of our residents and local students are working from home,” said Snively in a media release. “Council and I have been working hard on this file and now we’re asking all residents who have Internet access to visit the site and help us make the case to service providers.”

Residents who use the website to test their connection will have upload and download speeds measured, and be asked several optional questions, concerning the name of their internet service provider, package speeds, and monthly fees.

“Obtaining a clear picture of local internet speeds and identifying priority areas is a critical part of improving and encouraging investment in local infrastructure,” said Nelson Silveira, Essex’s economic development officer. “It will also provide valuable data on changes in internet quality as new infrastructure is installed throughout the community.”

Data from these tests are collected anonymously throughout Canada and gathered together for research purposes. Essex may also share the information with service providers. Individual contact information will not be disclosed.

Further information on the town’s internet initiative can be found on its official website.