Police debunk social media post about kidnapping

A Windsor Police cruiser March 2, 2015. (Photo by Adelle Loiselle)

The Windsor Police Service is debunking a social media post circulating in the community.

The post claims that a girl is knocking on people’s doors to ask to use their phone to call her parents. It goes on to say that once she gains access to the home, she sprays something into the air to knock out the homeowner and then men come to kidnap the homeowner for human trafficking.

Social media post debunked by Windsor Police Service,, October 2020.

Social media post debunked by Windsor Police Service,, October 2020.

The Windsor Police Service said this is inaccurate, however, it does stem from real police investigations. They said police did respond to the area in question to investigate a complaint of suspicious activity on two separate dates. One did involve a person knocking on people’s doors. The other involved a suspicious vehicle in the area. The vehicle was located and police discovered the occupant was breaching a court order relating to a domestic dispute. Police said the two calls were related but there was no human trafficking component and no threat to the public at large.

On both occasions, the suspicious activity was reported to the police and investigated.

Police are reminding people to check their source when they see posts like this circulating online.

“Sharing information via social media to help keep one another safe is always encouraged. We simply remind the community to consistently consider the source of the information they are reviewing, and to contact police directly if you have any safety concerns,” said Sergeant Steve Betteridge.